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sustainable agriculture

Why is sustainable agriculture so important for the planet and for future generations?

The main international organisations such as FAO and Greenpeace, and all those who care about the health of the planet, encourage more and more often sustainability and sustainable agriculture: what does this type of agriculture consist of and why is it so important for the planet and the future generations?

It is important to clarify right away that sustainable agriculture means a kind of agriculture capable of satisfying the food needs of the current population, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their future needs.

In this way, we can identify the two primary objectives of sustainable agriculture: to develop systems and techniques capable of supplying quality nutrients to population’s food, with little or no environmental impact on the future of the planet and its inhabitants’ health.

It is therefore not a question of producing more food, but higher quality food. New technologies must be put at the service of local culture and traditions, to face the new environmental and economic challenges that the agricultural production industry has to deal with in this initial part of the new millennium.

In order to offer a healthier product, grown without damaging the environment, it is essential to use natural methods of crop protection, such as integrated pest management, which allows to keep parasites away without using dangerous substances for humans and the ecosystem. For this reason, we use natural defence systems from harmful insects such as the introduction into the ecosystem of natural predators capable of protecting crops.

OpEurocom, with its certified organic products, by the fundamental principles of sustainable agriculture indicated by FAO, is committed every day to guaranteeing the sustainability of the entire production process: from the selection of the cultivated varieties to the reduction of water and energy waste, using the latest vehicles and technologies, such as electrically powered harvesters, that can drastically reduce CO2 emissions and minimise the impact on the surrounding environment.

Now you can fully understand why we at OpEurocom do not settle for just cultivating and distributing our products, but we care about the future of our land and the health of all those who choose the taste of our salads and vegetables every day.


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