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Specialists in growing and trading of italian fresh leafy salads and cut herbs.

O.P. Euro.Com is based in Piana del Sele, a unique place in Italy for agriculture and where the fertility of its soils, its pedoclimate, and its orographical characteristics play a crucial role for this kind of production.

Our total cropland amounts to 300 hectares

At OP Euro.Com. we grow and sell baby-leaves vegetables in Italy and abroad. Our company is based in the Piana del Sele, a prime market garden area in South Italy with a centuries-old farming tradition, renowned for the quality and richness of its soil, a vital factor for ensuring the success of this type of crop. The area in which we are based is well known for being the best place for agri-food production in Campania. Our total cropland amounts to 300 hectares and we strictly employ INTEGRATED PEST MANAGEMENT and ORGANIC FARMING techniques.

Strict and systematic checks 

Our produce undergoes regular and systematic checks, including data recording and filing during the sowing and transplanting stages, production enhancement, and sampling in pre-harvesting and harvesting stages. We also carry out a range of tests, such as chemical tests to check the presence of any residues of pesticides, bromides, and nitrates, chemical and microbiological tests on the water we use, and visual quality and organoleptic tests. Other tests are carried out at the production line, during transport, storage, selection, packaging, and delivery.

Hi-tech machinery

To ensure the best possible shelf life we use “DEWATERING” and “VACUUM COOLER” devices, as well as an optical sorter, to remove all foreign bodies, and a state-of-the-art drying tunnel (Zephyr Eco 2), to remove all traces of humidity from the surface of delicate products such as baby-leaf vegetables without causing any damage. Our company is committed to ensuring maximum product quality, and therefore we invest in the best available handling and processing equipment, including multihead weighers, horizontal and vertical flow packaging machines, and two polystyrene packaging machines.

We are present all over Europe

Our distribution network is the result of years of experience
and professionalism.


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