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It's Christmas time: what will you cook for lunch?

Rosemary is a fresh herb used for multiple recipes. During Christmas time, we are sure about it, you will use it to garnish or to aromatise your dishes.

But what are other uses? This herb has many therapeutic properties, and it helps reduce stress and joint pain. It is excellent as well to minimise flu symptoms, supporting the respiratory system in case of cough or asthma; it is also an antirheumatic agent and is an ally for the digestive system.

This year Christmas won’t be the same, but we can’t not celebrate it. It will be a very intimate Christmas, we will spend it with our closest family members, trying to stay at home as much as possible. COVID-19 changed our lives, but not our bond with traditions. That is why we want to share with you a classic Christmas recipe with rosemary, one of the fresh herbs that we, at OP, love the most.


Christmas roast fillet

  • 1 kilo of fillet of beef

  • 1 cutting of rosemary

  • 1 glass of white wine

  • 30 grams of butter

  • Extra virgin olive oil q.s.

  • Salt and pepper q.s.



Tie the fillet and rosemary together with a string; it will confer a unique taste to the meat. Lay it in a casserole with the butter, cut into smaller pieces, and the oil. Brown each side carefully and pour the meat with the white wine. Let the wine dissolve and season salt and pepper. Now, put the fillet in the oven for 30-45 minutes at 200° (check the cooking after 30 minutes).

When fully cooked, let it rest for some minutes. Lastly, cut the meat into slices and put in a big dish. Before serving, pour some cooking sauce from the casserole on each slice. The fillet can be served with peas, roast potatoes, or peppers. Merry Christmas!

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