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Curly Parsley: interesting facts and a recipe

Curly Parsley is one of the most used and versatile herbs in world cooking. When used as a decoration, it adds colour and harmony to dishes.

It is an excellent antioxidant, antibacterial (especially against Escherichia Coli), and antispasmodic plant, thanks to its seeds, that help reduce intestinal spasms.

It contains a lot of vitamins, it reinvigorates, and it is the right solution for tiredness. Moreover, it has positive effects on digestion, kidneys, bladders, and it cleanses the blood.

Girls, good news for you!

Just like cabbage leaves, this plant helps new mothers with breastfeeding and mammary duct ectasia.

Lastly, if applied on the skin, it is beneficial for itches or burnings caused by redness, inflammation, ecchymosis, and bug stings.

How to use it in a recipe: Bruschetta with tuna, black olives, and Curly Parsley

Do you have unexpected guests and a few ingredients in the fridge tonight? Bruschetta with tuna, Curly Parsley, and black olives is the perfect starter to entertain your guests.


  • 250 grams of tuna

  • 50 grams of black olives

  • Homemade bread q.s.

  • Curly Parsley q.s.

  • Extra virgin olive oil q.s.

  • Table salt q.s.

How to do

In case you don’t have fresh tuna, you can use tuna in a glass jar. Add tuna in a pan with extra virgin olive oil and let cook. Turn off the heat after about 2 minutes and put aside.

Cut the bread into slices and toast it on an electric burner. Now, mince the olives, previously pitted.

Add on the bread slice the tuna with its gravy, the olives, and the Curly Parsley. If needed, add some salt or extra virgin olive oil and serve.

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